Trending Hairstyles for Women with Short Hair

The woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life, said Coco Chanel. It is true her life changes, but the change is not always positive- for some women it is very hard to style short hair, rest aside to make them look presentable depending on the occasion. If you are among those apprehensive women, you have come to the right place as we will take you through a number of short hair styles that are easy, effortless and elegant so you no longer have to feel sorry for chopping off your hair.

The short shaggy bob

The short shaggy bob - Short Hairstyles for Women
The short shaggy bob – Short Hairstyles for Women

This hairstyle is among the most low maintenance hairstyles of all time. Since bob is the ultimate hot trend in hairstyling industry, it is ideal for all working women who don’t want to spend their mornings untangling their hair while they have only 5 minutes left to put on clothes, have breakfast and drive to their office that is 6 km away. The best part about this hairstyle is that one doesn’t have to own a million products, electronic and chemical both, to get the exact same look. You can easily pull it off by just waking up in the morning, taking a shower or may be not and simply blow drying your hair using a rolling brush to get that soft outward curl. After your done blow drying your hair take a section of your from the front and straighten it up at your forehead to create this side bang look. This look is recommended for people with thin hair because it adds volume and textures both to their hair making them look fuller and thicker.

The Braided Up Do

The Braided Up Do - Short Hairstyles for Women
The Braided Up Do – Short Hairstyles for Women

Short hair can be really problematic when one has to attend weddings and formal occasion, not anymore as we bring you this amazing braided up do which is whimsical and elegant in its own way. So for this up do, the first thing you have to do is divide your hair into front and back sections. After doing that you have to start braiding your hair from the back of the head instead of front, Dutch braid is preferable as its easy but you can tie French braid too – let me tell you already that this look needs practice. So once you are done braiding your hair fasten it with a hair tie, straighten your hair on the front and tie a ballerina bun, however all this while make sure  you incorporate the braid with it. Attach a broche or nice embellished hair tie to get the final look!

Faux Top Knot Bun

Faux Top Knot Bun - Short Hairstyles for Women
Faux Top Knot Bun – Short Hairstyles for Women

When talking about short hairstyle for women, one must always keep in mind how important it is for the ladies to stand out among the crowd, and hairstyle is an important component of their overall look which can make or break the deal so you can’t possibly mess that up. Here is an easy tutorial for the perfect hair do.

You start of by tying half a pony tail and securing it with a clear plastic band and leaving the last turn half way through so you have a bun. Now take the rest of the hair divide it into two sections at the back and repeat the same procedure, however make sure you use a strand of your hair and wrap it around the elastic band to hide it. Then you have to join all three buns making a top knot bun, all you have to do is pull out strands from each bun and join them using a bobby pin- easyyy!

The Elizabeth North Hair do

The Elizabeth North Hair do - Short Hairstyles for Women
The Elizabeth North Hair do – Short Hairstyles for Women

Yaaass guys. Let the fandom rise and shine with this hairdo! So for all those who don’t know who Elizabeth north is, well she is the most ambitious woman of the Scandal series! You can also give this short hairstyle for women with ambition or just slick back short hair style for women who love finesse.

So how do you achieve this amazing hairdo? Here is how.

  • Untangle your hair.
  • Straighten them up using a brush only, not heat involved.
  • Divide your hair into three sections.
  • Take the sections at side one by one and then pull them back tightly on each side, finally securing them using a bobby pin.
  • Take the front section now and back comb it to add volume and texture.
  • After creating the pumped up hair, use a comb to straighten up any hair that are left and using a hair spray set them up like a wave shown in the picture!

Short Hair Glam- Vintage Style

Short Hair Glam- Vintage Style - Short Hairstyles for Women
Short Hair Glam- Vintage Style – Short Hairstyles for Women

By now we hope you are already convinced that you did not do anything wrong when you decided to chop off your hair, as there are a lot of hair styles that you can easily pull off  even without having long hair! So let’s get into the tutorial.

  • So for this hairdo you need a curling iron, hairspray, bobby pins, crocodile pins and patience!
  • Start off by parting your hair into sections.
  • Take the section at the back and start rolling your hair on the wand, outside. Make sure not to burn your hair and then secure the curls immediately using a crocodile clip. Note: curls are hot; do not burn your hand in the process.
  • Keep on curling until all your hair are curled and secured with bobby pins, make sure to take small sections.
  • Then release the hair from the clamps of crocodile clips and bobby pins, securing one side with a nice embellished pin and then leaving furled out bangs on the other!

You are ready to go.

The Perfect Edgy Look

The Perfect Edgy Look - Short Hairstyles for Women
The Perfect Edgy Look – Short Hairstyles for Women

So ladies, how is it going? Hope you are enjoying the article up till now. Hold on to your seats, because the ride has just started, and is just about to enter the full swing with this edgy look.

So for this look all you have to do is again part your hair- more on one side and less on the other.

Pro tip: part your hair; leave the part of your hair for braiding which is not puffy and doesn’t naturally look pumped up while the other for bangs.

Coming back to the look, Dutch braid your hair on one side by firstly dividing it into two sections so you have two braids, fasten those using bobby pins and for a nice finish use a hair spray and serum to give a nice glossy look- this hairstyle that is perfect for ladies between the age of 18-25 years with short hair!

The Romantic Twisted Hair Do

The Romantic Twisted Hair Do - Short Hairstyles for Women
The Romantic Twisted Hair Do – Short Hairstyles for Women

Do you have a date with that someone special and you really don’t want them to think of you as someone who is basically failing badly at adulating, then this is the one hairdo that can help you! This hairdo looks spectacular on ladies with ombre hair, so if you have got them this is a must try for you!

Now for the hairdo, what you have to do is as always untangle your hair and straighten them up so you can play along with them. Part your hair from the middle then take two fat strands of hair from each side, and separate those using bobby pins. The next step is to twist them, twist one strand first then the other until you have the texture as seen in the picture- then fasten both twists at the back using a hair tie. Use a hair spray to finish off the look and you are ready to rock the world.

The Lazy Curl Hair Do

The Lazy Curl Hair Do - Short Hairstyles for Women
The Lazy Curl Hair Do – Short Hairstyles for Women

The lazy curl or beach waves hair do is a girl’s go to hair do when she doesn’t feel like it. For all those lazy days when you just don’t want to make the effort to look presentable but still have to because all the important gatherings, weddings, birthdays somehow manage to happen during *those* days of the month. So my beautiful ladies this one is just made for you. Its effortless and the can be sported even with unclean hair, now that’s something to look forward to! All you have to do is grab a serum to protect your hair from heat and start using your slim hair straightener; use it on sections of your hair by moving it either inside or outside circular motion. Finish off the look by Adding A Little Texture Using Hair Spray!

Dutch Braids With Space Buns

Dutch Braids With Space Buns - Short Hairstyles for Women
Dutch Braids With Space Buns – Short Hairstyles for Women

Short hair styles that are new, innovative and original can say a lot about your personality. So whenever you are going out for an interview, meeting or something that requires you to leave an impression on the other person go for an elegant hairdo while on all the other days go crazy styling your hair! Just like this hair do, which incorporates reverse Dutch braids with space buns on the ends – giving the lady the perfect edge on others, and that sassy outlook has got every single person awestruck wondering how effort would have gone into it – like none, because its effortless, all you have to do is take a section of your on the front and then braid them till the back of your head while ending it up with buns. This look is perfect for girls night out, you can even try this dye since neon colors are in this season.

The Nestled Hair Do

The Nestled Hair Do - Short Hairstyles for Women
The Nestled Hair Do – Short Hairstyles for Women

So short haired beauty, how you doing up till now? Loving your short hair more now? Your cheeks will be hurting by the end of this article; I assure you of that due to the amount of variation, and styling that can go in these tiny strands. This hairstyle is suitable for weddings; it looks fanciful when you pair this hairdo with nice bling-y earrings and a gown.

You can follow along the steps for getting the exact look on your hair. I would say it’s suitable for medium to thick hair as thick hair can hold in place this look plus they give a nice finished touch of luscious hair and the wisps of hair that are left outside, add up to the messy look and make your look more natural.

Before you start with this hairdo make sure you buy bobby pins, a lot of them because that is one thing that you will be in need the most.

Braided Up Do

Braided Up Do - Short Hairstyles for Women
Braided Up Do – Short Hairstyles for Women

We just adore this hair do. This one is a perfect hairstyle trend considering the GOT madness these days! It amalgamates textures, techniques and styles all into one bohemian hairdo – the braided up do is also ideal for summer weddings because it accumulates hair all in one place, giving the one wearing it a nice clean hair outlook.  It’s however not heatless so at the beginning of this very hairdo you need to apply serum, to prevent your hair from any heat damage.

You guys, you know what? You can actually leave your hair halfway through too! Look at the amazing spirals you can get with the curling wand, so if you are not up for moving your muscles a lot then go ahead for the simple lazy spirals which you can tie halfway using a clip only. Add a little more detail your hair by accessorizing it with broche, hair clips that have delicate metallic designing or emboss on them.

The ultimate cute hairstyle

The ultimate cute hairstyle - Short Hairstyles for Women
The ultimate cute hairstyle – Short Hairstyles for Women

Remember those bandanas nana used to have? Those satin and silk ones in patterns and bright colors? Well they all had a purpose, which was tie your hair back and prevent them from falling on your temples. Ironically, times have changed so has the use. Now bandanas have become more of an accessory which is just there to add a retro look to the short hair. So why do you hold back? Go into that old closet, revive some memories and get your retro mode back on!

As you all can already witness in the picture, this girl is flaunting this bandana perfectly with the pixie cut, so we suggest the same look for all our pretty ladies with the same haircut as honestly speaking there isn’t much that one can do with such short hair. It’s the perfect hairstyle when you are in the mood and hitting the beach on a late summer evening.

The braided hairband

The braided hairband - Short Hairstyles for Women
The braided hairband – Short Hairstyles for Women

Okay so this has to be our favorite. I mean like all-time favorite. You can go ahead and hate on all the hairdos in this list but this one is really special for a number of reasons.

  • It is effortless.
  • It is heat free.
  • It is chic.
  • It is perfect for weddings.
  • It is perfect for bridesmaid.
  • It can be embellished with fake flowers/ or may be real one to make you the ultimate floral goddess.
  • It does not damage hair.
  • Makes your hair look fuller.
  • It’s an up do
  • We love it.

So what do you think now, will you give this a try? All you got to do is take the longer section of your hair from one side, braid it by incorporating more hair along the way and fastening the braid at the other end just above your ear with a bobby pin – and you are all set.

The Messy Hairdo

The Messy Hairdo - Short Hairstyles for Women
The Messy Hairdo – Short Hairstyles for Women

This has to be the most painless, uncomplicated and elegant hairdo of all time. You don’t even have to clean your hair for this, because the messier the better. All you have to do is twist your hair over and over. First, from the sides then fastening at the back. Secondly, turning the fastened hair inside out. Thirdly, tucking and rolling all the hair that are left into a faux up do and fastening the hair right after the other using the savior bobby pins!

This hairdo is very casual and effortless, so use it anytime anywhere- even in your car when you are late for the office or a meeting. You can sleek it down a bit if you straighten your hair before attempting this hairdo. Take out a few wisps of hair on the front to add the flirtatious look if you’re going for a date or so.

the braided love affair

the braided love affair - Short Hairstyles for Women
the braided love affair – Short Hairstyles for Women

Since we have reached the end of our short hairstyle list, we would like to leave you with an epic hairstyle which can save you both time and effort. It’s cute and flirty; it’s also elegant in its own way and looks picture-perfect when you do it. It has immense resemblance with hairband hairdo that has braided strand of hair wrapped along the head. In contrast, the braid in this look has a pompadour touch rather than a subtle and sleek look which the hairband hairdo had. All you have to do is divide your hair in sections and start braiding them diagonally, this one is Dutch braid that has wider loops – that have been further pulled out to give a soft and smooth look.

Once you get a hang of it you will do it no time, but at first it may take some time, especially if you are not in the habit of weaving your hair.

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